Vision and goals

The vision of the company is expansion of the existing product range (woodproduction) about new category – promotional items.

The company is a traditional producer of sports equipment with ninety years old tradition. The company invested in the purchase of equipment for printing on textiles in 2010 and 2011. Using this technology in traditional production was opened a new market segment – promotional items. These products are the most popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are planning to export our products to the eastern markets in the future.

The company will focus on marketing strategy and sales support. The brand of company should get into awareness customers.

Our main goal is promptly respond to the needs of our customers and their satisfaction.


Strengths of company

  1. Long-time tradition of production.
  2. Sole producer of  wooden sticks in central of Europe.
  3. Long-term financial and economic stability.
  4. The exceptional quality of products.
  5. Emphasis on sustainable development  – Environmental strategy.
  6. We use only high quality domestic raw.
  7. We listen to our customers‘ requirements.
  8. Strongly for customer access.
  9. Coordinated team of employees.


Rychlá adresa

BOHEMIA SPORT, spol. s r. o.
Václavské náměstí 785/28
110 00 Praha 1

IČ: 496 79 244

tel: +420 376 326 421
fax: +420 376 512 702
e-mail: info@...
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