The company history

The beginnings of wood manufacturing in Horažďovice date back to 1924. In 1934 the range was extended by sport products – ice hockey sticks, sledges, skis, tennis frames. The production achieved fast accrual because there were only a few sport accessories manufacturers. The production line started to focus more to ice hockey sticks and sledges in the late fifties. The factory products started to get established also at foreign markets.

The Horažďovice factory came with the bent blade ice hockey stick production as the first in Europe. ARTIS CZECHOSLOVAK LION ice hockey sticks counted among the highest-quality ones. The quality of these sticks consisted especially in careful selection of material for shafts and blades, when the beech and ash wood was used. The blade was soaked in varnish to increase its endurance. The shaft was sprayed with the paint and the lettering was done by silk-screen printing. The first competitive ice hockey sticks were developed for the needs of the 1st ice hockey league players. The top ice hockey clubs in ČSSR were supplied directly from Horažďovice factory. The company made a market in western countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). One quarter of the production was exported.

With respect to considerable production fragmentation in smaller workshops and considering expanding production in 1978 it was proceeded to the construction of new factory in industrial part of Horažďovice. The construction of new factory with production capacity of 1,5 million ice hockey sticks and 70 thousands sledges was finished in 1985.

In 1991 Horažďovice factory 03 became independent and the Bohemia Sport state enterprise had been set. The new company returned to garden deckchairs production, which fills the production capacity in seasons when manufacturing is not fully loaded with ice hockey stick and sledge production.

The company was privatized in 1993 and it became Bohemia Sport company with limited liability. The company returned to LION as for ice hockey stick trademark in 1995. LION ice hockey sticks celebrate the return to ice hockey extra league. The trademark became established in strong competition of foreign manufacturers and also in home consumer market. The Bohemia Sport company succeeded to expand and thanks to that its export to foreign countries increased over 50 % of total production. Scandinavian countries and Germany keep the greatest share in export.

Bohemia Sport pays great attention to the new product development using the latest materials. Ice hockey sticks are currently manufactured in more than 36 models. The sticks from Horažďovice are used in all sport fields where the stick has sport tool function (ice hockey, street hockey, hockeyball, floorball, bandy hockey (field hockey)).

The company has a great tradition in the sledge production. Only in 1997 there were 5000 pieces of plastic sledges produced per year. In recent years there is being produced more than 50 thousands pieces of sledges in four basic models, of various lengths and makes. In technology there is a return to all-wood bent sledges, demanded especially by foreign customers.

Bohemia Sport has very popular, frequent and fashionable present commodity in its production program – garden furniture, first of all then deckchairs with upholstering, frequently used for advertisement purposes. Upholstering can be printed according to customer requirements, you can find out yourself.

The company technological capabilities

  1. The company is situated close to major road Strakonice – Klatovy. Border checkpoint ČR – Německo: Železná Ruda – 60 km, Strážný – 80 km. Own railroad spur.
  2. Ø 0,65 m, 5m length. Round log storage, frame saw for round log sawing.
  3. Standardly used wood species: BEECH – 60%, ASH – 30%, POPLAR TREE, HORNBEAM, MAPLE – 10%.
  4. Standardly used timber thickness: 0,025 m; 0,032 m; 0,045 m; 0,055m.
  5. Storage of timber for its natural pre-drying.
  6. Drying capacity of 140 m3 dimension timber.
  7. Wood resawing, 4-side cutting, milling, drilling, grinding.
  8. Custom-made manufacturing from dimension timber, large-space materials on MORBIDELLI AUTHOR 500 machine centre.
  9. Production of dowels Ø 0,008; 0,010; 0,012; 0,014; 0,016 m.
  10. Production of beech sticks Ø 0,020; 0,022; 0,024; 0,026; 0,030 m.
  11. Part manufacturing on centre lathe: maximum length 0,900 m, Ø 0,100 m – 0,150 m.
  12. Lamella production: thickness 0,003 – 0,015 m, maximum width 0,100 m, length 0,5 – 2 m.
  13. Steaming, bending of beech dimension timber.
  14. Assembling work.
  15. Surface treatment – spraying, soaking.


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