Sledge Avelanche

  • Traditional Czech sledges are designed for recreational use.
  • Sledges are made from quality beech wood.
  • Sledges are certified according to EN 71 Czech testing SZÚ Jablonec Nad Nisou for safe and suitable using.
  • Construction of sledge is sufficiently strong for the prescribed load. (90 kg or 120 kg for sledge with length from 125 cm).
  • The seat length allows the ride to one or more sledgers at a time.
  • The sledges Avelanche are available in three basic lengths (100, 110, 125 cm) with textile straps.
  • It is possible to equip the sledge with the tow strap with the buckle.
  • Suitable backs are from lathes n.191, bent back n.192, strap back-wood/plastic n.194 or strap back – wood n.195.



Plastic curve
Wooden curve (from veneers or slats)


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