Quality sledges provide ample space for two children or one adult.

Guarantee of production int he Czech Republic.

  • We produce the sledges from traditional design to contemporary sport sledges.
  • Traditional production.
  • Wide range of categories – low end & high end.
  • A large selection of accessories.
  • Burn (print) logo according to customer requirements.
  • Sledges are certified according to EN 71 German testing TÜV or Czech testing SZÚ Jablonec Nad Nisou.


  • The sledge is made from high quality hard wood Fagus sylvatica L., which is easy to bend.
  • The material that we use can be certified Fagus sylvatica L.  (FSC 100%) or uncertified.
  • The use of special plastic materials to increase the utility value.
  • The runners, wood screws and strut are supplied with anti-corrosive paint.

Seat on the sledge

  • Lath seat is made from three lathes from beechen hard wood without sharp edges.
  • Textil strap seat is made  from high waterproof  material.


  • Width strap: 
    • 4 cm
    • 6 cm
  • Basic colours:
    • black
    • red
    • blue
    • orange
    • yellow
  • Strap with stripes:
    • red with 3 black stripes
    • blue with 3 black stripes
    • orange with 3 black stripes
  • Whatever colour according to customer requirements:
    • minimum 1 000 pieces

Jowl on the sledge

  • Has steel runners because of superior slip resistance  and to improve the slip resistance to abrasion.

Runner on the sledge

  • The steel belt, wchi is supplied with anti-corrosive pain for long life.
  • Is producted in two basic types:
    • flat (width 1,5 mm or 2 mm-screwed runner of the sledge)
    • trough (width 1,5 mm)

Surface treatment

  • Sledges are treated with high-quality and environmentally friendly water-based varnish.

We wish a lot of joy to all customers when riding our sledges!


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