• Hockey sticks design ensures a high utility value.
  • We offer a wide range and high quality.
  • We do not forget our youngest who are interested in hockey sport.
  • For hobby players there is a range of various ice hockey sticks from all-wooden to combination of wood – plastic.
  • We are able to satisfy the standard as well as highly specific requirements of our customers.
  • Our hockey sticks are gentle to health – strength &  flexibility.
  • Suitable for beginning hockey players.
  • Composite materials are high-quality.
  • All ice hockey stick models fulfil IIHF parameters.
  • PM (personal model) and alternatives stick design are made according to special customer requirements.


  • Hockey sticks are made from domestic raw materials – high quality wood (combination beech, poplar and aspen).
  • The shafts are made from lamellas, this execution ensures high strength and stability of the shaft.
  • The shafts are stuck by waterproof glue.
  • The surface finish of the stick is made by ecological water based lacquers.
  • The marking of the sticks is made by screen print ink.

We wish a lot of sport successes and pleasure from game to all who decided to use our LION ice hockey stick!


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